EPPP Study Materials Combined With A Truly Success Ensuring Strategy

It’s been 17 years since Dr. Taylor began aiding doctoral candidates in EPPP test preparation.  Whether this is your first step down the road of licensure with TSM, or are still considering this opportunity to partner in this journey with TSM, or are one many already well on their way with the Taylor Study Method to a successful career as a licensed Psychologist…We would like to share with you what some might call advice, but because of our years of EPPP experience, we call learned Wisdom. We wish to share with you today, how your education combined with the absolute bestEPPP Study Materials available, you can experience a TRUE, success ensuring strategy to pass the EPPP on your first attempt. While we can go on and on about test preparation strategy, today we will focus on the most important steps you can take to ensure your success.

First, you must come to terms with the fact this is the only time you are going to take this test. Failure is NOT an option; this is the first and last time you will walk through this process. This is preeminent because if you have not decided where you are going, you will not have the resolution it will take to make the necessary steps along the way to get there. By steps we mean decisions; decisions of time management, decisions of self-discipline (both mental and physical) and decisions about your method of learning.  This principle is fundamental. And if you make it wholeheartedly, you are already well on your way to EPPP victory.

Second, in order to reach this goal you must take your preparation seriously, and you must give it predominance. If you are like most people, including myself, you have a set routine which is most likely already overloaded. If this is what you truly desire, some things must be purged from your busy schedule.  Movies, internet, exercise, or sports, whatever it is, it has to go. Even exercise? Yes, even exercise! I told you it must take predominance over any non-essential activity. I did not say other activities must completely cease, but they will for a season; have to take a back seat. With the exception of course, your family, which can easily become a distraction even a well-meaning one. Remember, this is not forever, keep your eyes on the prize. Make it impossible not to pass! In fact, do it with gusto! Make it a personal goal to set the highest EPPP score ever! Have fun with it! For you to successfully pass your EPPP test the first time, you will have to give your preparation the highest priority possible.

The next thing any person must do to pass the EPPP on their first attempt, is relax. Now let me clarify this before you throw your bunny slippers back on and slip back into your recliner still warm from its previous contact with your Gluteus Maximus. For now, it must be left to return to room temperature. Before we leave this glorious piece of furniture, however, I would like you to recall ,if possible, a time you did sit in that chair, and weren’t relaxed at all. You were thinking (and by thinking I mean stressing) about finances, issues in the family, about past regrets, and future fears (Yeah, it just got heavy). You weren’t doing anything at all, in the most “comfortable” place within your reach, and yet you couldn’t be farther from peace. In contrast I know in my own life, there have been times where I have had more going on than I could have possibly known what to do with, but my spirit was high because I knew where I was going. I knew why I was doing what I was doing, and I knew it was going to be worth it.
I tell you, in order to pass the EPPP (at least without it being a living nightmare), you are going to have to learn this discipline of the mind. There is a way keep all the balls of life juggling, including the ball of successfully passing the EPPP exam, and to do so calmly. Every hurricane has an eye. And it is easy to stay on a spinning merry-go-round, if you are in the center. Learn this discipline, and not only will you have an enormous head start to success on the EPPP, but also in almost every other area of your life. Studies show this isn’t even psychology, this is science. To pass the EPPP exam, you will need to discipline your mind to not stress about anything, while doing everything. Simply fix your heart on the thought that breaks the dawn of hope, ending the long darkness of your distress.

Finally, we cannot stress the importance of taking care of your physical self throughout this process. Eating right, sleeping regularly, and exercising, will make all the difference in the world! (Yes, i recall my slight discrimination toward physical exercise previously, but it was only slight.) I am quite an advocate of exercise actually. I recently read an article about the daily routine of seventeen CEO’s of major corporations. Fifteen of them included daily exercise into their routine. And of the other two, one admitted he really should! Here at TSM, we believe passing the EPPP exam, is just as much about practicing these disciplines, as having the right Practice Tests, EPPP Sample questions, or any other EPPP Preparation Materials. The good thing for you though is, you get it all!
We at TSM wish you the very best along your path to a successful career in Psychology. We have every confidence you have what it takes to successfully pass the EPPP on your first attempt, and that you will attain all that you aspire to do.

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