EPPP Frequently Asked Questions

For Frequently Asked Questions regarding the EPPP exam itself, please see the FAQ section of the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards' web site.


How do TSM members perform on the actual EPPP?

Very well. Over 94% of TSM Members pass on their first attempt. New Members who had failed the EPPP prior to using TSM, experience a 110 point improvement in their EPPP score after studying with our Method. Consistently, our members' practice exam scores and their actual EPPP scores are only 3 or 4 points apart…no surprises when you use TSM!

How long has TSM been helping EPPP candidates prepare for their exam?

Dr. Taylor and his colleagues at TSM have assisted countless candidates prepare for and pass their EPPP over the last 16 years. Now we look forward to being part of the most important EPPP success story of all…Yours!

How do you know your curriculum is EPPP relevant and that the Method works?

Our content is the result of over 16 years of research and development with contributions by over 40 professors and content experts, such as Dr. Steven Hinshaw, Chair, U.C. Berkeley's Department of Psychology and editor of Psychological Bulletin (the most quoted professional journal in the field of psychology). Dr. Hinshaw helped us ensure that TSM's curriculum is accurate and professional. We also partnered Dr. Roberta Nutt, past director for ASPPB (the association that writes the EPPP) to ensure that TSM's curriculum would contain the information relevant to the EPPP. All that said, we know our curriculum is relevant and our Method works because 94% of those who utilize TSM pass their EPPP on their first attempt.

Why is TSM subscription based?

We were committed to make EPPP preparation accessible to everyone. Subscription based membership allows the ultimate in flexibility and affordability for our members without them having to pick and choose the particular components they think they may need. With TSM, you get all of us for as long as you need us, and you only pay for the time you use.

Why is TSM online?

More reasons than we can name in this short space, but here are a few – Accessibility – you can study anytime and any place there is internet connection. Current Curriculum – we are updating and improving our curriculum daily so you always have the most up to date content from which to work. Customization – it allows us to test your knowledge, and prepare your individual study plan to accommodate for your strengths and weaknesses. Instant feedback – with an online format, we are able to provide you with immediate feedback on your quiz questions. Learning Theories – it is the only format that allowed Dr. Taylor to incorporate a myriad of learning and memory techniques into one program. Finally, Organization – it allowed us to chunk and cluster and organize the material into very small manageable pieces and present them that way to our members. This chunking-clustering format helps to reduce distraction, making what would otherwise feel like an overwhelming task a very manageable and frankly, simple process.

How long is the average subscription?

Although some have done it in a month, and others have taken 6 months, the average member subscribes for approximately 4 months. Because everyone's schedule is unique, having a month-to-month subscription allows you to customize your study time.

Will I get to see the results of my Initial Assessment Exam?

A Customer Care representative will contact you to discuss your IAE scores by domain and help you plot a course of study.

Are the answers and rationales available for me to see on the Initial Assessment Exam?

Unlike all other TSM exams that you will be presented with during your membership, the Initial Assessment Exam is not a tool to be used to study; but rather a tool for us to customize your study sessions. Therefore, you will not be provided answers or rationales on this Exam.

Are there any books that you will be sending me?

No. Everything you need to study and prepare for the EPPP is available online through your subscription.

Do you have workshops?

We do offer an overview Symposium which provides you with all the basic information about the EPPP and the licensure process. However, we have found that a traditional “cram all the content into one weekend” workshop simply does not work. All you need has been organized and distilled down into the 160, 1-hour study sessions which make up the heart of the Taylor Study Method. Workshops are expensive and frankly unnecessary.

Do I have to study in a certain order or can I pick and choose my own course as I go along?

You certainly have every right to study how you choose; but we highly recommend studying the domains and study sessions in the order they are presented, according to your level of content mastery, identified through your Initial Assessment Exam. This is what makes the Method customized.

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