Taylor Study Method is a cohesive team of experienced and recognized psychologists, talented writers and the very best technical experts who work tirelessly to provide you with the most relevant and complete resource for EPPP test Preparation available. We are driven to assure your success in this cornerstone test leading to your professional licensure.

TSM’s team of professionals has been refining our EPPP test preparation program for over 16 years, using technologically advanced learning modalities, integrating multiple, proven methods of learning and memory, developing written, audio, and video learning tools and insuring that we deliver the most current and relevant EPPP content.

We are EXPERIENCED. We are PROVEN. We are DEDICATED. We are Taylor Study Method. YOUR success is our ONLY focus...and it shows. We have a 94% first time pass rate. On the actual EPPP, candidates on average score within 4 points of their TSM practice exams. TSM members who have failed with other EPPP systems score on average 110 points higher on their EPPP using TSM.

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