The TSM Story

When Dr. Graham Taylor began his own EPPP preparation, he knew that there had to be a better way than rote memory to prepare for this exam. He knew he needed a plan to prepare to pass his EPPP. So, he applied and integrated both conventional and innovative methods of learning and memory and in so doing, created an organized and simplified method of learning which resulted in his success on the EPPP. Things like semantic encoding, elaborate rehearsal, chunking and clustering, primacy recency, and spaced learning, are just a few of the techniques he used.

For the next 10 years, Dr. Taylor shared his method pro bono with his colleagues and other doctoral candidates studying for their EPPP exam. As he shared his techniques, he refined his method. Then a few years ago, he assembled a team of psychologists, writers and technical experts to create what is now known as The Taylor Study Method, the most comprehensive and relevant EPPP Test Preparation Program and curriculum available.

Dr. Taylor assisted hundreds of EPPP candidates prepare for and pass their EPPP, without charge before he took his method and program of learning public. This success continues today as The Taylor Study Method employs the very latest in learning methodologies as well as use of a multimedia approach to assist doctoral candidates pass their EPPP with an astounding pass rate of over 94%! In fact, students who had previously taken the EPPP and failed, utilizing the Taylor Study Method not only assured their success on the EPPP, but they raised their scores over an average of 110 points. It’s been PROVEN; the Taylor Study Method is all you need to prepare for and pass your EPPP. In fact, we are now contracted with multiple doctoral programs across North America, providing our EPPP parallel curriculum directly to their doctoral students.

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