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Exam Day

Before the day of your CPLEE exams arrives, you should make sure you have thoroughly read through the candidate information bulletin published by the California Board of Psychology. It can be downloaded at http://www.psychology.ca.gov/applicants/exams/cplee.pdf and includes the following topics:

  • Purpose
  • Examination Development
  • Establishing the Passing Standards
  • Examination Scheduling Procedures
    • Internet Scheduling
    • Telephone Scheduling
    • Canceling an Examination
    • Missed Appointment or Late Cancellation
    • Taking a Re-examination
    • Emergency Examination Center Closing
  • Special Accommodations Available
  • Examination Site Locations
  • Reporting to the Examination Site
    • Required Identification at the Examination Site
    • Security Procedures
  • Taking the Examination by Computer
    • Identification Screen
    • Tutorial
    • Examination Question Example
  • Study Materials
  • Examination Items
  • Understanding the Results
  • Abandonment of Application
  • Licensing Information
  • Licensing Fee
  • Fields of Competence
  • Continuing Education Requirements
  • Examination Summary
  • Examination Outline
  • Examination Study Questions

In addition to reading through the above bulletin, you should also do the following well before the actual date for your CPLEE exam:

  • Visit the location of the testing center;
  • Prepare the clothing you plan on wearing to your appointment (do not wear anything on your top that includes pockets);
  • Review the list of prohibited items on pages 7 and 8 of the CPLEE information bulletin at http://www.psychology.ca.gov/applicants/exams/cplee.pdf
  • Prepare acceptable forms of identification (see below).
  • Review our information about the exam day routine we've produced for those preparing to take the EPPP as this is the same as the routine you should follow when taking the CPLEE.

When You Arrive

You are required to arrive at the testing center at least 30 minutes prior to your start-time in order to complete the preliminary paperwork and verification. any watches, cellphones, electronic devices, writing utensils, backpacks, food, beverages or hats.

We recommend you give yourself an extra hour in case there are traffic problems or you have trouble locating the testing center.

When you arrive at the testing center, make sure that you keep any prohibited items in your car, including:

  • Watches
  • Cellphone
  • Electronic Devices
  • Writing Utensils
  • Backpacks
  • Food and Beverages
  • Hats

In addition to providing identity verification, you will also be asked to provide a thumb print as part of the check-in process.

When the test begins you will be given 2.5 hours to answer 100 multiple-choice questions. Before the timer starts, the computer will take you through an introductory tutorial of up to 15 minutes.

This tutorial gives you the chance to practice with some sample questions so you get the feel of using the keys and the process of answering questions and reviewing your answers. Be relaxed during this tutorial—it does not count as part of your examination time.

When the exam is over, you will be provided with your score in a printed report.

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