CPLEE Online Exam Prep Program

The TSM Program includes all the right tools to pass and completely tailored to your learning style.

Preparing for the CPLEE

As you prepare for completing your psychology licensing in the state of California, you need to take the state's law and ethics exam, known as the CPLEE. As you begin preparing for the exam, you will find a variety of CPLEE study materials from different companies that promise to provide everything you need to know for achieving a passing grade.

TSM Difference

What makes TSM different is we don't just mail you a package of CPLEE study materials and then leave you to master the content by yourself.

Researchers have found that re-reading material over and over again in the hope that it will stick is actually one of the least effective ways to master material.

Because of this, the team at TSM have worked hard to package our CPLEE online study materials in a brain-friendly method, in addition to providing a structure for your studies to guide you through each step of the study process.

Using our online tools, you are able to customize this study process to meet your own personal schedule, deadlines and individual needs.

Online Study Materials

TSM's online study materials integrate multiple ethics sample questions with the most important approaches to learning and memory that neuroscientists and cognitive psychologists have found.

This includes approaches such as semantic encoding, elaborate rehearsal, interference theory, primacy and recency theory, the mediator effectiveness hypothesis, auditory-supported learning, testing effect, spaced learning, and supported reading.

These are all integrated into a seamless learning method developed and refined over years to guarantee learning, application and recall of the critical content areas you will need to know to pass the CPLEE exam.

Here are but two examples of how these theories of learning and memory are integrated into your study experience when you begin using our CPLEE online study materials. In utilizing the primacy recency theory, TSM customizes the presentation of content based on the results of the Initial Assessment Exam.

This helps to equip you the best in the content areas where you are weakest. Applying the auditory-supported learning theory, TSM has provided every narrative definition with an accompanying audio file.

We invite you to experience for yourself all the learning and memory tools woven into TSM's learning method.


Our CPLEE preparation content includes all the key terms you will need to know:

  • Each with its own narrative definition
  • Mind map
  • Professionally-written Flashcard (which, by the way, is fully editable so you can customize it any way you would like to)
  • reasonable alternatives (meant to warn you about potential wrong answer choices)
  • Audio feature (providing enhanced learning opportunities)

At the end of each study session you will be tested on the related content and provided with learning-reinforcing rationales. The frequent repetition of CPLEE practice exams means that by the time you are ready to take the actual test, you won't have any surprises.

The results speak for themselves. On the actual CPLEE exam, our members experience a high first-time pass rate.

Pass Guarantee

Since TSM guarantees a passing result on the CPLEE exam, should it happen that someone fails after completing all necessary coursework, TSM will refund their money. TSM has five easy requirements that you must have met to be eligible for TSM's pass guarantee:

  1. Membership Term: Your membership must have been between 30 and 120 days.
  2. 100% Completion: Each step within the TSM system must have been completed in the order it was presented, based on your Initial Assessment Exam.
  1. Take the Test: You must take CPLEE within 1 week of your membership expiration date. A copy of your test results must also be sent to TSM.
  2. Notifications: You must have notified TSM in writing one week before your test date and within three weeks after your test date.
  3. Freeze account: You may only freeze your account 1 time for a maximum of 7 days within a 60 week time frame.

Get Ready to Study

Ensure that you understand, learn, and recall the relevant information for CPLEE Success. We invite you to experience for yourself all the learning and memory tools woven into TSM's learning method

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