CPLEE Online Exam Prep Program

The TSM Program includes all the right tools to pass and completely tailored to your learning style.

A Proven Method of Learning

More than just the content you need to know for the CPLEE

The TSM program is a method of learning customized to you based on proven memory and recall theories. You'll benefit by coming away with a deeper level of learning and better consolidation of content. All delivered efficiently and effectively in our online program.

Members who study with us experience a high first-time pass rates.

A Deeper Learning Experience

TSM's proven method of learning is the foundation of our program. It utilizes and integrates the most critical approaches to learning and memory, including:

  • Semantic Encoding
  • Elaborate Rehearsal
  • Interference Theory
  • Primacy and Recency Theories
  • Supported Reading
  • Auditory-Supported Learning
  • Testing Effect
  • Spaced Learning

These are all integrated into a seamless learning method developed and refined over the years to guarantee learning, application, and recall of psychology's critical content areas both for your licensure exam as well as for your career.

How Does It Work?

In utilizing the primacy recency theory, for example, TSM customizes the presentation of content based on the results of the CPLEE Initial Assessment Exam that you take to begin the program.

TSM has also provided every narrative definition in our program with an accompanying audio file for auditory-supported learning.

The TSM Program in Action

Take the Initial Assessment Exam to establish your baseline score.

The TSM program will customize the program based on skill set and time to study.

Lessons are presented in 1 - 2 hour study sessions designed to ensure learning and understanding.

Receive a structured final review so you know when you're ready to sit for the exam.

Tested and Proven Method of Learning.

Ensure that you understand, learn, and recall the relevant information for CPLEE Success. We invite you to experience for yourself all the learning and memory tools woven into TSM's learning method