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The TSM Program includes all the right tools to pass and completely tailored to your learning style.

One-on-One CPLEE Support

Your educational journey has been accomplished with community and support. Why should your licensure preparation process be any different?

Why study alone?

With TSM, it's not you, alone, trying to figure it out with stacks of books, practice tests, and seminars to travel to. With us, you'll join a professional, caring community who is with you throughout your CPLEE journey and who is dedicated to your success.

Completed Your Assessment Exam

After completing your Initial Assessment Exam, call us to schedule your Coaching Session, included with your subscription.

The TSM Team is Here

The TSM team is here for you and offers

TSM has established accessible and valuable tools to ensure a supportive community experience.

Don't Study Alone

We're with you every step of the way as you prepare for your licensure exam. The TSM team is here for you.

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