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The TSM Program includes all the right tools to pass and completely tailored to your learning style.

The Taylor Study Method Guarantee

We are committed to your success!
We are so confident that you will pass using our program, we will stake your purchase on it.

Six Easy Requirements

TSM has seven easy requirements that you must meet to be eligible for TSM's pass guarantee:

  1. Membership Term: Your membership must have been used a minimum of 30 hours within a 30-day consecutive period of time.
  2. Complete the Program: You will need to fully complete the following steps in each section of our program:

Note: While you are free to take additional mock exams throughout your study preparation, it is still required that that you complete each phase in the order presented to remain eligible for the Pass Guarantee.

  1. Coaching: You must have (1) an Initial Coaching Session at the onset of your preparation and (2) a Final Review Coaching Session within a week before your Exam.
  2. Taking the Test: You must take the CPLEE within 1 week of your membership expiration date.
  3. Test Score: You must send a copy of your test score within 3 weeks after your confirmed test date.
  4. Freezing Your Account: You may only freeze (i.e., put on hold) your account due to medical conditions one time for a maximum of 7 days within a 16-week time frame without disqualifying the Pass Guarantee.

Our Guarantee

In the unlikely event that you do not pass the CPLEE and you have met ALL six criteria outlined above, you may choose to either (1) extend your membership an additional 3 months at no charge, or (2) be refunded your TSM purchase price (up to $300). If you exercise the additional 3 months of the Pass Guarantee, you are no longer eligible for the pass guarantee.

Study with Confidence

The TSM Guarantee is included in every CPLEE subscription. We're with you every step fo the way as you prepare for your licensure exam.

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