Exit Poll Results

ASPPB released the results at its 50th Annual Meeting on October 14, 2010! ASPPB’s Official Exit Poll results confirm "Commercial Online Preparation" along with “Audio” have resulted in the highest PASS RATE for EPPP Candidates…higher than "Commercial in Print" and nearly 20% higher than those “Workshops” that other companies offer.

Why take a chance with those other methods, when ASPPB has determined online delivery along with audio is generating the best results for passing the EPPP.

We also provide professionally recorded and delivered online audio for each and every key term narrative definition as you study. You can also lease an iPod Multi-Touch Nano for the ultimate studying experience. Call for details.

Don't take our word for it. CLICK HERE for the details.

We are so pleased that the ASPPB has confirmed what we believed all along, online preparation along with audio is the most effective way to prepare for your EPPP.

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