EPPP Program Features

The TSM Program includes all the right tools to pass and completely tailored to your learning style.

Custom "Taylored" EPPP Prep

More than just the content you need to know for the EPPP

TSM customizes your study based on your current knowledge, your available study time each week, and your anticipated EPPP test date. Maximize your study plan with a program that is personalized to you.

Members who study with us experience a high first-time pass rates.

Step 1: Take the EPPP Initial Assessment Exam

Before you even begin to study, set aside about 5 hours to familiarize yourself with the TSM program and to take a full-length EPPP Initial Assessment Exam. This exam is the cornerstone of your study plan.

  • Maximize your study time by knowing strengths and weaknesses in your current knowledge level
  • Save time by knowing what content to focus on

Step 2: Pick Your Study Plan

You'll then select how many months you have to study and how many hours per week you plan on studying.

The rest is automated. The TSM program will

  • Create a customized study plan for you based on Initial Assessment Exam results and your time to study
  • Show you what to study and when, yet is flexible enough that you can skip around based on your study needs

Your focus should be on learning and understanding the content, not worrying about putting together a solid study plan.

Step 3: Complete Your Study Sessions

From the beginning to the end, our tested theories of learning, memory, and recall are integrated into your EPPP study experience.

  • Learning is domain-specific and organized automatically based on Initial Exam results
  • Study sessions are designed to fit into even the busiest lifestyles; each can be completed in about an hour.

After completing each study session, you'll quiz yourself on what you learned with flashcards and a focused Practice Exam.

Step 4: Begin Your Final Review Process

The final step in the process before sitting for the EPPP! After studying, it's time to focus on storing and recalling what you studied.

  • Flashcards are automatically organized for you based on your course of study
  • Full-length mock exams will prepare you for the types of questions you'll find on exam day

Ideal for All Learning Styles



Reading Focused

Writing Focused

TSM Customizes Your Studies

Ideal for varied learning styles: visual, auditory, reading-preference, or writing-preference presented in 160, 1-hour study sessions ... all organized around your exam date.

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