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Program Features 15 Day Free Trial Exams Only Full Program
Pricing $0 $199 / mo $299 to get started
Initial Assessment Exam Yes Yes Yes
Practice Questions 15 3,800+ 3,800+
Study Sessions 1 160
Domain-Specific Practice Exams 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Final Review
Resources Forum
Key Terms / Flashcards 750+
Domain Summaries 11
Video & Audio Lessons
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Frequently Asked Questions

How long has TSM been helping EPPP candidates prepare for their exam?

Dr. Taylor and his colleagues at TSM have assisted countless candidates prepare for and pass their EPPP over the last 16 years. Now we look forward to being part of the most important EPPP success story of all…Yours!

How do TSM members perform on the actual EPPP?

Very well. A significant number of TSM Members pass on their first attempt. New Members who had failed the EPPP prior to using TSM, experience a 110-point improvement in their EPPP score after studying with our Method. Consistently, our members' practice exam scores and their actual EPPP scores are only 3 or 4 points apart…no surprises when you use TSM!

Why is TSM subscription based?

We were committed to make EPPP preparation accessible to everyone. Subscription based membership allows the ultimate in flexibility and affordability for our members without them having to pick and choose the particular components they think they may need. With TSM, you get all of us for as long as you need us, and you only pay for the time you use.

Do I have to study in a certain order or can I pick and choose my own course as I go along?

You certainly have every right to study how you choose; but we highly recommend studying the domains and study sessions in the order they are presented, according to your level of content mastery, identified through your Initial Assessment Exam. This is what makes the Method customized.