Taking the EPPP

Before considering taking the EPPP, a candidate must have completed the following two steps in order to be eligible:

Once eligibility is confirmed, the candidate should seek to apply to the licensing authority in the state or province they wish to be licensed in. Failing to apply for licensure before applying to take the examination will result in a fine. The licensing authority is responsible for making sure that you are eligible for the exam, given the distinct rules and regulations of the individual state or province. Upon clearance, the candidate will receive 2 consecutive emails instructing the candidate on how to verify their account and begin the registration process.

The candidate then should complete and submit the EPPP application and submit payment of the examination fee. Upon payment, the candidate will receive an Authorization-to-Test letter (ATT) and must take the examination within the following 90 days.

In most states and provinces, the EPPP is administered using Pearson VUE test centers. Upon receipt of the ATT, the candidate must schedule an appointment with a Pearson VUE testing center. This can be done by visiting the following website http://pearsonvue.com/asppb/locate/, or by calling Pearson VUE’s national call center at 1-800‐513‐6910. You may test at any Pearson VUE testing center; it does not have to be in the same jurisdiction for which you are applying for licensure.

When scheduling an appointment, you should have the following information available:

Even though the majority of examinations are administered on computers, knowledge of computers is not necessary. Before the examination begins, you will have the opportunity to take a brief tutorial on the process of selecting answers and moving from question to question. You are given 5 minutes to spend on this tutorial that is not counted against your total time allotment for the test. The system is very straightforward and very few people have any problem with it. All the same, we recommend that you take the five minutes to acquaint yourself with the testing format and make sure that you understand how to select answers, how to review questions, and skip forward and backward through the test.

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