It’s hard to know where to begin! From our proven Method of Learning, online and mobile platforms, our EPPP-relevant and professionally written content, unlimited access to over 4,000 test questions, customized to your current strengths and weaknesses, an empathetic community, support, a step-by-step structured approach to studying and final review: Taylor Study Method is packed with more features than we can list here. We invite you to sign up for a free membership and experience for yourself why our members have such great success on their EPPP exam.

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Fully Online

Why use antiquated delivery systems of the past like workbooks and text books, when TSM’s online learning system provides you with anytime/anywhere access to the EPPP-relevant content you need, individually sequenced to your strengths and weaknesses over a truly enjoyable online platform, while integrating proven methods of learning and memory. The choice is yours.

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Custom "Taylored"

TSM organizes your study based on your current knowledge, available study time each week, and anticipated EPPP test date.

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TSM Video

TSM has identified the most difficult content areas and has contracted with content experts to teach these areas using examples and application.

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TSM Mobile

Technology has changed the world. It has also changed the world of EPPP preparation. We invite you to step into this new world of limitless study options; Smart phones and tablets. iOS and Android.

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TSM Live

With TSM, you have unparalleled access to everything you need to successfully pass the EPPP. And with TSM’s LIVE Webinars, you can participate along with your peers as you learn more about the EPPP; asking questions that are relevant to you.

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