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With TSM 5.0, you can now prepare for your EPPP from any platform, anytime with full features. From your car (passenger seat of course!) or soccer practice to your office or home, you can easily access TSM from wherever life takes you.

Why work your life around your studies when with TSM 5.0 mobile, you can work your studies around your life? From a train, plane, or even a bus; while in line at the store, from home, the office or at your favorite restaurant or park; while the kids are at gymnastics, soccer practice, or ballet, your study plan is set and you can easily access it and all of TSM’s features from chat options to online flash card review and mock EPPP exam questions, seamlessly moving through cyberspace as you prepare for you EPPP exam.

TSM also offers you detailed information to make the most of online learning; pitfalls to avoid, and online learning strategies to embrace. With online learning, we can also offer you the best instruction available from the finest faculty. Enjoy an example here.

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