Student Supplemental Learning Program

Improve the competitiveness and success
of your program and your graduates

TSM's Exposure and reinforcement of the base knowledge in each of your courses result in:

Improved content mastery
Higher satisfaction and retention
Higher overall program licensure pass rates
Recruitment: Improves quality and quantity of applicants
Higher Retention from higher confidence and satisfaction with the program
TSM provides proximal student learning outcome measures and data reports relevant to regional and professional accreditation activities and reporting.
TSM provides standard reports as well as raw data access making it easy to provide your administration and faculty with all the reports they require.
Faculty workload is reduced and no change to faculty syllabi or theoretical orientation.

TSM is very cost effective.

$75 per session per student unlimited classes.
$99 one time student activation fee.
$5,000 one time program activation fee.

TSM provides seamless integration into your program’s current online platform.
TSM provides first line, high level IT support for student & staff.