University Affiliate Program

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TSM's UAP combines a thorough resource library for your students learning, and a complete licensure preparation program after graduation

Resource library while a student (up to 5 years) Licensure preparation upon graduation (4 months) Highly discounted price $999 plus a $99 fee to activate the graduate portion

TSM Resource Library portion while a student:

Enhances and reinforces student learning of the core content in the field of psychology
Content resource for current and past classes
Prepares your students for their future licensure exam and/or career in behavioral health
Multi-modal and an enjoyable way to learn
Increased consolidation, retention and recall

Licensure Preparation Portion After Graduation:

A Multi-modal, enjoyable way to learn
Prepares your students for their future licensure exam
Structured, step by step approach to licensure success

Successful history:

94% first time pass rate
110 points higher: Members who failed using other programs, score on average, 110 points higher on their EPPP
4 points: Members score within 4 points of their last 2 practice exams on the actual EPPP