Complete EPPP Content

Our content is the result of over 16 years of development and refinement with contributions by over 40 professors and content experts -- with video, audio, written text, and editable Flashcard and notes section. It is ideal for varied learning styles: visual, auditory, reading-preference, or writing-preference. TSM’s curriculum has successfully integrated 11 theories of learning, memory and recall into our nearly 1 million-word curriculum...all presented in 160, 1-hour study sessions.

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A Proven Method of Learning

TSM does not simply provide you with the relevant information you will need to pass your EPPP. We deliver instructional content utilizing our tested and proven Method of Learning which is designed to ensure that you understand, learn, and recall the relevant information for your critical EPPP exam.

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Pass Guarantee

Utilize TSM for four to six months, complete all steps in the program, and let us know when you take the test. If you fail, you will get your money back. That’s how confident we are that you will pass using our program.

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One to One

With TSM, it’s not you, alone, trying to figure it out with stacks of workbooks and practice tests and seminars. With TSM, you join a professional, caring community dedicated to your success that is there with you throughout your EPPP preparation journey.

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"The Taylor Study Method works! I passed the EPPP on the first try. I put 100% of my trust in Taylor (even to the meal plan!) and it paid off.  The study questions were awesome. It made me feel confident enough to give the EPPP my best try. I am so grateful for your support."

Dr. Anyanwu

"There were a few reasons why I chose TSM over the other methods. One of the main reasons was the organized way in which the studying is presented to me. I learned from my initial mock exam which areas were strengths and weaknesses for me, the weekly study plan outlined my course of action, and all I had to do was set aside the time each day to study. And, I can study anywhere and not have to drag a bunch of books around with me."  

Dr L. Lee

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