One to One

Your success matters to Dr. Taylor and the entire TSM team. That’s why Dr. Taylor spent hundreds of hours of time and 10 years helping hundreds of EPPP candidates, one on one via phone or face to face, all pro bono.

Your educational journey has been accomplished with community and support. Why should your licensure preparation process be any different? At TSM, we exist to be there with you every step of the way as you prepare for your licensure exam.

Whether you need technical support, have content questions, need study advice, want to connect with a study partner, or simply need a friendly voice from the other side of cyberspace, TSM has established accessible and valuable tools to ensure a supportive community experience.

  1. You can connect with TSM member support directly during normal working hours and often on weekends as well as via phone, email or instant chat from our member pages.
  2. Want to chat with others prepping for their EPPP? Try TSM’s instant chat anytime. It’s located at the bottom of every TSM member page.
  3. The TSM forum is another great venue designed for you to share information and exchange tips and techniques with other TSM Members. The TSM forum is staffed by a licensed psychologist.

Many have found that preparing for the EPPP can be the most stressful time of their lives. Why prepare in solitude? Take advantage of the community and support tools that TSM has designed for you. As you prepare for your EPPP, the timeless saying holds true: "It takes a village."

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