A Proven Method of Learning

TSM’s proven method of learning is the foundation of our program. It utilizes and integrates the most critical approaches to learning and memory that psychologists and educational professionals have developed; approaches such as semantic encoding, elaborate rehearsal, interference theory, primacy and recency theory, the mediator effectiveness hypothesis, auditory-supported learning, testing effect, spaced learning, and supported reading.

These are all integrated into a seamless learning method developed and refined over 16 years to guarantee learning, application and recall of psychology’s critical content areas both for your licensure exam as well as during your career.

From the beginning to the end, these theories of learning, memory and recall are integrated into your study experience. Here are but two examples. In utilizing the primacy recency theory, TSM customizes the presentation of content based on the results of the Initial Assessment Exam that you will take when you begin the program. Applying the auditory-supported learning theory, TSM has provided every narrative definition with an accompanying audio file. We invite you to experience for yourself all the learning and memory tools woven into TSM's learning method.

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