Research Based Methodologies

The Taylor Study Method is a paradigm shift in the way candidates can now prepare for their licensing exam!

TSM’s goal is for you to pass your EPPP, and we take the task of preparing you for success very seriously. Because of this, we have researched the various theories of learning and memory in order to optimize your success, and have seamlessly integrated these proven theories into our online learning system to enhance your learning process and the encoding of information stored in memory.

Theories incorporated into TSM’s research-based methodology include, Elaborate Rehearsal, Chunking & Clustering, Spaced Learning, Repetition, The Interference Theory, Mind Mapping, The Primacy/Recency Theory, The Mediator Effectiveness Hypothesis, Testing Effect, and Supported Reading.

These theories are incorporated to assist with your semantic memory, the type of memory necessary for your exam, which involves the storing of facts, generalized information, concepts, rules, principles, and problem-solving skills.

TSM’s methodology reinforces a deeper level of learning for professional competency-based assessment, enabling candidates to experience greater consolidation, retention, and recall of information for their exam.

Our aim at TSM is to make your learning and memory process both efficient and effective. Our 18-year research-based learning methodology is what separates TSM from other preparation companies, and is what explains the success of our members who experience a first-time pass rate of 94%.

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