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"Not only was Dr. Taylor available and helpful in real time, at each interaction you offered hope and sound guidance. Karmell - how can I thank you for ALWAYS being responsive and giving such good guidance. It felt like you were personally invested in my success." ...More
"I felt like the TSM staff had a genuine investment in my passing the EPPP and were extremely encouraging." ...More
"Just wanted to let you guys know that I took my EPPP on Monday, Dec 15th, and found out I passed on Friday the 19th. Couldn't be more thrilled, or more grateful for your program. Both Karmell and Dr. Taylor were great as well. I wish you guys had a study program for the next hoop (jurisprudence…" ...More
"Hi! I passed my test!!!!!! Thank you Jacqueline for bearing with me in my anxious state and all your encouragement! I kept on thinking about it during the mock tests! I failed twice and both times used a different prepping company but it wasn't until yours that I passed! And passed comfortably!" ...More
""Hi Jacqueline, I actually just took and passed the EPPP. Thank you. This is a really great program and it prepared me well."" ...More