"Hi Jacqueline, I actually just took and passed the EPPP. Thank you. This is a really great program and it prepared me well."

J. Sepulveda

Hi! I passed my test!!!!!! Thank you Jacqueline for bearing with me in my anxious state and all your encouragement! I kept on thinking about it during the mock tests! I failed twice and both times used a different prepping company but it wasn't until yours that I passed! And passed comfortably!


I took the CPLEE today and passed. Thank you for the valuable resources and help which facilitated this achievement.

M. Jarvinen

Thank you for your professional courtesy!
The Taylor Study Method is a solid, masterful program that I would highly recommend to any EPPP candidate.

K. Harper

The Taylor Study Methods was incredibly helpful in ensuring I passed my California law & ethics exam. The topics were broken down into thematic groups with practice exams after every module, meaning I could approach the basic material at my own pace and review again if I had difficulty understanding it. The final few days involved much longer tests, and then the opportunity of reviewing the questions I got wrong so that I could reinforce the correct answers and continue learning. I quickly went from not passing to passing easily and took my actual exam with time to spare! I couldn't have done it without them.

W. Anderson

Thank you so much for everything! I could not have done all that studying (or passed) without the structure of the TSM program. :) It helped me so, so much.

Ashley D

Just had to tell you I passed today! I scored within two points of my TSM practice test scores. The system not only taught me the content, but prepared me for how the questions would be worded, and gave me the confidence I needed to end the exam without going back an second guessing myself out of a passing score of 573 (NY scaled conversion of 80). TSM saved me! 

P. Jones

Hi Dr. Taylor, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the advice you gave me about how to take the CPLEE. You suggested I read the questions out loud and use the TAK method, which I did. I finally learned how to really take a test, which is strange given all the years of college, graduate school, and test preparation I've had and the many tests I've taken over the years! I took the CPLEE and passed in January, the last criteria for licensure. Two days ago I received my license. So, thank you, and your method really does work!  


The Taylor Method mock tests from the last week exactly straddled my true EPPP score. What a huge difference over the Exam Edge tests, that proved to be less than worthless, giving me the false confidence in June.  Nothing I saw on the exam was unfamiliar, and I was well prepared, even minus the final review. I just went over the Domain summaries I had printed out and looked up anything I didn't recall, and that did the trick!!  Let me know if you want me to post a testimonial. Thanks for all of your assistance! 

S. Tenenbaum

I came from another study program and only had 6 weeks to pass the EPPP with my new job timeline. The Taylor Study Method took so much guess work out of studying. It outlines for you exactly what and how to pass the EPPP. Additionally, the included phone consult with Dr. Taylor and having Karmell to speak to almost daily via chat (and sometimes phone) really helped ease my anxiety levels. I had never failed a test before the EPPP and my test anxiety was very high. I went through the entire curriculum in 6 weeks and passed! Relinquishing control and trusting the program, and often Karmell, was the best decision I ever made. This is the only program I recommend to anyone. 

J. Grant

I wanted to thank you for taking the time to mentor me as I prepare for the EPPP. I am very impressed by the study program you have designed and all of the research, efforts, and techniques that have been put into place to afford each of us the opportunity to succeed. I look forward to speaking with you again when I am half of the way through the final review. Again, I am very grateful for all that you do.

Michelle S.

Yippee! Your program TOTALLY helped. I tried using other programs, but none of them fit with my style of learning! SOOO much less cumbersome and lost than trying to make your way through dense manuals without having a clue what you're supposed to remember, so thank you very much!

Michelle Y.

I just passed my exam, first try! I fully recommend Taylor Study Method. The Taylor Study Method made my exam preparation do-able and led me by the hand right through the EPPP. The material was straightforward and completely understandable, but even more importantly, TSM organized my studying and kept me on track to meet my goal. Despite being extremely anxious, I took the test as planned and I did well! I am very thankful for the program and all of the support that I received from the great people at the Taylor Study Method. Someone was always available to me if I had questions, I received a free counseling session that oriented me to the program. There were specialized tutors available to me if I felt that I needed them. I cannot imagine a better way to prepare for this very difficult examination. If you are looking for an exam prep provider, Taylor Study Method works and works well.

Brenda S.

HUGE Thank You to Dr. Taylor and the rest of the TSM staff. The EPPP can be a very overwhelming venture.  TSM provided me with the material and structure I needed.  The material was easy to absorb, and the detailed schedule fit my life.  TSM lived up to its promise of instilling Aptitude, Motivation, and Optimism.  I am proud to say that I passed the EPPP on the first try.   


I meant to send this yesterday, but I've really been processing all of the support that I've gotten through TSM lately. But especially from the two of you. The random supportive phone calls from you, Karmell, just to check in and the esteem-boosting consultation from you, Dr. Taylor, has been something that I haven't been able to find anywhere else. I'm taking the exam this afternoon at 1pm EST and, whatever the result, I know that I've done what I can. My life will proceed in whatever direction it goes from there, given all the bizarre changes in the past few months. I'd like to think that I've learned at least 15 more things I can determine answers for since December (ha). While I'm still nervous, there's an undercurrent of confidence that wasn't there prior to beginning work with TSM and in talking with the both of you. So I wanted to share my thanks. I've got prayer circles, karmic forces being sent into the universe and towards me, someone doing a meditation vigil, and all these amazing people that are pulling for me; and it's difficult, because so few know what the EPPP is like and its impact on those who graduated a program at the top, and then crashed after not passing. To hear that people who have realistic knowledge of this whole process have faith in you is tremendous. So, thank you. From all of the corners of my being.

Dr. Moore

The program has been phenomenal and has completely changed my feelings towards the test. I am performing much better on practice tests now too. I'm really grateful.

Rachael D.

Barely passing is pretty good for me as I am a Magna Kim Laude graduate who barely scraped by on her SAT's. I've always been horrible at standardized testing (which is ironic because I've been a licensed forensic psychologist for nearly a year now). Couldn't have done it without you guys!!! Thanks! 

Sarah S.

Hi Karmell, I am writing to say thank you for all your support. Taylor Study Method was exactly what I needed to get past the EPPP. It allowed me to study when, where, and how I wanted and gave me the confidence I needed to get it done. Each step of the way, when I needed to ask a question you were friendly and kind. Thank you so much. Please feel free to use this email as a recommendation to others looking for a preparation program. 

M. Thomas

Hi Karmell! I just wanted to let you know I passed! Bettering my score by almost a 100 points!! Thanks for an empathetic ear that first phone call and pleading with me to follow the program to the letter...I really took it to heart!

I've forward the 3 month ad to a colleague...he was 2 years ahead of me in my program, so he's failed the test (I haven't asked him) at least 3 times. I told him about my experience so I hope he gives it a try!  

Jaime G.

I took the EPPP yesterday. My unofficial score reports says I earned a score of 654, and a NY conversion score of 87. I passed! I looked up 654 in a table I have. Even though it is approx. 1.5 SD above the mean, and so you would think it would be a percentile rank of 91 (halfway between 84 and 98), it says it is a percentile rank of 94. So I scored in the Superior range. I did it! Thank you for your encouragement. It was a very difficult test. It took me 4 hours, and after I completed it, I still was not confident I had even passed. But I did anyway, and on my first try.
Thank you again.

J. Cain

Hi, I just wanted to share my great experience with TSM. I began my EPPP journey by reading study materials from another prep company given by my school upon graduation. After doing all the readings and taking notes, I still felt lost. Not to mention, my scores on some practice exams I had got my hands on were barely going up. With just 2 weeks left until my scheduled exam, it hit me that I wouldn't pass with what I had been doing. None of the information that I had spent months reading stuck. Out of desperation, I began browsing EPPP blogs (for I don't know, some kind of a miracle at that point!) and read a post someone made about TSM. I quickly signed up and made TSM my bff for 2 weeks. I was able to see my score go up each time I completed a section. The active process of reading and quizzing really helped me learn and retain the material. While I did not follow the TSM method, I wish I had. However, it amazed me how much I was able to learn and retain in a short amount of time. I passed!  So thankful! 

Mumta P

Sorry for the delay. Emails have a way of getting lost in my inbox.
Truth be told, its kind of hard to put into words my gratitude that I have for the TSM, particularly the people behind it, Karmell Clark and Dr. Taylor. The EPPP had been on my “to do list” since 2007. Fast forward to 2015 and we have 3 girls and a busy, fun life.
TSM didn’t make the EPPP easy but it made it a surmountable feat. It broke the topics and studying down so it was manageable and easy to follow. There is true beauty in its simplicity and knowing that the program is based on learning theory is very reassuring. The personal connection was amazing too. I really did come to rely on Karmell’s weekly phone check-ins and she definitely fielded a few panic-stricken phone calls from me. Dr. Taylor’s personal coaching made all of the difference. My final coaching session with him was invaluable to my exam day strategy (complete with pushups in the testing room!) and it really allowed me to manage my anxiety and allow all of my knowledge to come forth. I will be forever grateful to TSM and am so happy that I am know one of the many people they’ve helped to  be successful with the EPPP. Hopefully there are a few tidbits that you can use. Don’t hesitate to contact me if I can be of further help. Nicole 

Nicole R

In the past year, I've taken the EPPP three times. I used a different study program the first two times. My materials needed updating and rather than staying with the same program, I did some research. Taylor Study Method offered me the opportunity to take a full practice test and access to study sessions. Taking a test after every sessions was very helpful, so I decided to purchase a 3-month subscription. The graph showing my progress motivated me to keep going until I finished all sessions. I studied everywhere I went via my laptop, iPad, or phone. I am happy and relieved to say that I passed! Iris L

Iris L

I studied for almost 2 years with academic review, wrote 3 times and failed. I also took the 4 day intensive workshop. I've invested thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours into my eppp preparation, only to still have the burden of passing. I sold all my materials and started fresh with TSM. I've only been back at it a few days and I already know it was the best decision I could have made. I got for $600 what cost me almost $2000 with AR. I was able to have a one on one consultation with an eppp expert to help me prepare my study plan. He listened to my needs. He showed compassion when I explained my struggles, and he provided encouragement that this will be the last time I write because I will pass. He also invited me to contact them at any time with questions. Academic Review told me I had to pay extra for that kind of service. If you have yet to purchase your study materials, I strongly suggest TSM over any other program. Save yourself some money and some grief and do it right the first time.

S. Lacharite

I was totally on the fence about taking the EPPP, and was considering rescheduling. I discussed this with Dr. Taylor: he assessed me as ready, and gave me a little pep talk. I passed, and I'm really glad I took it! Dr. Taylor's talk was important in my passing story, and I've very grateful.

Kim S.

I love our members! Here is a recent quick email exchange from a happy one! "Hi Karmell, I just passed my EPPP! How do I go about canceling my TSM subscription?" - Cathy F. "Woot! Woot! Nice job. All cancelled. What was your score?" - Karmell "545. Good Enough!!! Thank you!!! I loved the program. It blew AATBS away." - Cathy F. "May I quote you?" - Karmell "Absolutely!!" - Cathy F.  

Cathy F.

Dear Dr. Taylor and Team,

I spoke with Dr. Taylor for a Friday session last week on the 17th and I vowed to contact the team with good news. So, here I am!! I finally passed!!!
I feel compelled to write because passing the EPPP has been a very long and bumpy road for me, and I wanted whoever reads this to know how much I appreciate what TSM has done for me! After 6 tries using another program, I still didn't pass. I was at risk of losing any chance or hope of ever passing since I exceeded the two-year deadline my state grants license candidates to obtain their requirements. The board very graciously granted me an extra 12 months and I knew that I couldn't be at the end of the road. A dear friend of mine introduced me to TSM and the rest is history. Yesterday, on my 7th (and final) attempt, I finally passed!!! I almost did not believe the printout with my score!
Thank you so much for building a study program that really prepares examinees to succeed. Finally, thank you to Dr. Taylor. who said some pretty resonating comments on our Friday session. E. Diaz

Elisa D.

"The Taylor Study Method was perfect for me! It provided the structure and organization I needed and was easily customizable to my schedule and timeframe. I followed the program and didn't bother with other study materials. I recently passed with a ton of room to spare. Thanks TSM!" – T. Ross   

T. Ross

Just wanted to let you guys know that I took my EPPP on Monday, Dec 15th, and found out I passed on Friday the 19th. Couldn't be more thrilled, or more grateful for your program. Both Karmell and Dr. Taylor were great as well. I wish you guys had a study program for the next hoop (jurisprudence exam) before I have to jump through. "What was your score?" - TSM asks 512. I have absolutely zero ego-investment in this thing, just so happy it's out of my life! I'm 52, I've been in private practice for 17 years, I haven't been in a classroom in longer than that, and so, as you can imagine, I had more than enough reason to feel scared of the test. Not to mention trying to save money by studying on my own, with printed materials bought on ebay, and failing the test twice (costing me waaaayy more $$ than your program would have from the start). It was awful. And then you saved me from myself! Just kidding -- sort of. I could not be more grateful for the program, though. It was such a relief to be told what to do, and to feel like I was on an actual track to passing the exam.

A. Williams

I just wanted to take a moment to thank both of you for your support over the past few months. Dr. Taylor, I’ve found our coaching sessions to be so invigorating and positive. I’ve been lucky to have wonderful mentors over the years and the best ones always leave something for me to remember them by. My dissertation supervisor gave me ONWARD which has helped during difficult times along the path to registration. STAY THE COURSE will resonate with me for years to come. Karmell, you have helped me through some dark days during this process. Your sage advice, positivity, and weekly check-ins have been welcome additions to my studying. Thank you for your support.

Nicole R.

I like that it is computerized and internet based, so that I can study anywhere. Also, the format of study was very clear and much like what I experienced on exam day.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

The awesome schedule options, the super helpful tips, and of course, the wonderful flashcards that I repeatedly studied over and over again.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

I never thought I would say this but using the TSM made studying for the EPPP fun! I loved tracking my progress and I learned so much from Dr. Taylor. This program taught me how to study and best strategies for retaining content.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

I recommend it to all the provisional psychologists I know who are preparing to write the exam!

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

Material was very thorough and interactive which I enjoyed greatly.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

I felt the staff at TSM was VERY responsive to my needs, questions, and concerns regarding my performance on the EPPP and the study method. I was given a prescription of study and I felt this helped my pass my EPPP. I cannot thank them enough and I recommend this method of study to ALL the interns I encounter.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

I felt like the TSM staff had a genuine investment in my passing the EPPP and were extremely encouraging.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

Karmell was excellent! She was very responsive to my emails, and even called several times to encourage me. She was also very personable, which made me feel comfortable asking her questions. Karmell truly was a huge blessings, and I will never forget all that she did to help me during those intense three months! Mahalo, Karmell! I also appreciated Dr. Taylor's tips and techniques, which I completely followed and found to be very useful! Dr. Taylor, you definitely have an AMAZING program! I appreciated the TSM Program very much!

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

Karmell is an excellent point of contact, she makes it all easy and seamless and was responsive when I experienced minor technical glitches.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

The person I was in contact with, Karmell Clark, was always very responsive and helped me with any questions I had about the site.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

Karmell is a major asset to TSM in her positive attitude, responsiveness, and understanding!

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

Not only was Dr. Taylor available and helpful in real time, at each interaction you offered hope and sound guidance. Karmell - how can I thank you for ALWAYS being responsive and giving such good guidance. It felt like you were personally invested in my success.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

I was called weekly to ensure I was kept on track. I was also given motivational talks to get me back on track when my studying began to slip.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

Always checking in with me and there for me in times of difficulty. Karmell I'm talking to you!

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

I appreciated all the calls Karmell made to check in, they were motivating!

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

The program was great because I didn't have to schlep materials with me everywhere. I could also study quickly in between my client sessions. The exam practice questions was immensely helpful!

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

I thought the TSM experience was wonderful - Karmell was an excellent resource and helped me through my test stress. I only wish TSM did preparation for the CPSE - I find their organization/materials/the on-line format more user friendly and logical than having to wade through manuals and figure out how much to do each day; I appreciated the accountability and thoroughness of the program. Thank-you

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

Passed on my first. Excellent and organized way to study! Just what I was looking for.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

Hands down, the best program available! Thank you!!!!! TSM made all the difference in my journey to pass the EPPP.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Response

TSM fit my study needs. It worked. It was SO much more effective then all the studying I had done prior to starting TSM. Had I continued to use the other materials, I'm not sure I would have ever passed the test. I wasn't learning anything more even as I studied more and more. I wish I had started with/known about TSM the first time around! I am grateful for TSM. I passed the EPPP 6 months ago and I still think about how grateful I am several times a week!

Survey Monkey Anonymous Response

The Taylor Study Method is awesome! It certainly made a difference in my success. The daily completion/incompletion notification system helped me start and remain on track. The complimentary coaching sessions with Dr. Taylor were extremely beneficial to my success. I believe having someone (Dr. Taylor) only a phone call away that believes in you and motivates you to believe in yourself is HUGE! Karmel provided on-going technical support and emotional support when I simply wanted to throw my laptop across the room. Karmell frequently reminded me that the EPPP does not define me! It definitely does not define me but this passing score will help me secure my future. I have been unemployed since May and totally living off credit cards. The level of stress experienced during this process was unbearable at times. However, when I started studying I refused to quit. I am extremely thankful to Dr. Taylor, Karmell, and Taylor Study Method for the materials, encouragement, and support. I didn't quit! I stayed the course! I passed!

Survey Monkey Anonymous Response

The TSM team was such a blessing to me in my EPPP preparation. Dr. Taylor showed extreme generosity and was beyond supportive. I am currently unemployed, however, and unable to pay for complete membership. I am currently using my TSM flashcards to continue my studies. I am also seeking employment as an editor in the field so I may continue to surround myself with relevant information in psychology and at the same time cover the cost to sit for the EPPP. Thank you.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

So glad I found TSM. From the beginning you helped me understand the kind of learner and test-taker that I am, and the program took the guesswork out of studying. Thank you.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

After failing the EPPP my first time, it was great to have the structure and help from Dr. Taylor and Karmell

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

The service was great. Getting calls/e-mails from the staff helped keep me accountable on my progress.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

The TSM program is great! I can't think of any areas that need improvement.

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

I have been very pleased with this program. The personal attention to ones individual needs, and follow through has been outstanding. Thank you Karmell!!

Survey Monkey Anonymous Testimonial

Just to let you know that I received word from the State of Virginia that I passed the EPPP! I want to thank Dr. Taylor and rest of the Taylor Method staff for helping me pass this final hurdle in my career. Your program really, really works! Cheers!

D. Benavides

I passed! This was a great hurdle, as I had taken the EPPP before and failed the first time. This time I followed Dr. Taylor's method, and IT WORKED! I see why it is not called a program, but a "method". The method, encompassing all those mini tests every step of the way, kept me focused on the work and prepared me for the real test format. So it all paid off brilliantly and I am thrilled to finally move on! A special highlight of the Taylor Method is the magical voice and cheer of Karmell Clark. She made the work connect on a real and warmly human level; made the tough studies doable. I always enjoyed our chats. Thank you Dr. Taylor, Thank you Karmell! Ever appreciative, Esty

Esty Sofer

Taylor Study Method covers areas that our classes do not have enough time to cover. I appreciate the supplemental material serving to expand my understanding of content rich courses such as Lifespan, Psychometrics, Ethics, Bio Bases, and Psychopathology. Taking the practice exams builds my confidence for licensure in the coming years. As I continue to utilize the course material on TSM, I will build a bank of hundreds of questions during my coursework and I know I will be better prepared when the EPPP comes closer.

Gretchen Kryss (JFKU)

Just wanted to let you know that I passed the EPPP with a 682!! Very happy! I felt like I got a very difficult version of the test, and I'm very happy with the results. Thanks for your support and wonderful program! (that's a lot of exclamation points!)

Dana P.

Taylor Study Method has been a great supplemental learning tool during graduate school. It has given me alternative ways to understand and integrate all of the information that I'm learning.

Sara Hall

I have found TSM to be incredibly valuable. I love the practice quizzes! They've really helped me prepare for exams.

Joanna Pappageorge

Dear Karmell, I am very happy to let you know that I passed my exam! It's been a long journey and you have been an important part of it...you and Dr. Taylor. It was very important for me to have people on my team that worked with me, that were always welcoming and encouraging, and that were available. I felt that you were more like family than an organization, that you listened and gave responses that were always helpful. I was surprised that Dr. Taylor took time whenever I asked, to personally speak with and guide me through my challenges. Believe me, your services are unique in terms of quality and depth of contact. TSM as a program worked well for me because it took the guesswork out of what to do next. I'd been out of school for a while so I needed help to get back into the discipline of studying while working full time and managing other responsibilities. The TSM approach helped to program my mind in a way that made learning fun as well as effective. It provided an excellent approach to learning complex material by first helping me understand my learning style, the tasks I needed to accomplish, and how to time/pace my learning. So, a huge THANK YOU!!!


Just got word at I passed! Thank you for a great program. Going to recommend to everyone I know. Truly got me through this test.


Well, I am excited to inform you that I passed that crazy EPPP!! :) Your prayers, crossed fingers, eyes, and toes, and of course, your encoring self really helped me to pull this off. I could NOT have done this without you!! The Taylor Study Method is AWESOME, and so are YOU!! Thank you for all of your encouraging words and genuine care. I always felt a sense of calmness after each conversation with you. Also, just knowing that you were an email or phone call away made me feel as though I wasn't alone in this process. It also held me accountable to do what I set out to do each week. I really appreciated your help, Karmell, and won't forget it. I have already been referring people to the effective TSM, and told some friends about how you would call and touch basis. That made a huge difference - a WARM MAHALO to you for "walking" with me during my difficult EPPP journey! Take care, Karmell! Warmly, Michelle


I PASSED, I PASSED, I PASSED. I state this with such enthusiasm and surprise. I didn’t stand a chance. Four months pregnant, morning sickness, 1-year-old toddler, and financial hardship. How was I going to pass the EPPP!!! People spend months with a lot more resources studying for this exam, what chance do I have??? My brain was scrambled and my attention was divided in a thousand different directions. I took the chance on Taylor Study Method because I was desperate, I knew I couldn't afford it but I knew I couldn't afford to wait and take the exam. After all in just 5 short months my hands will be even busier with a newborn. I borrowed the money and took the chance, and it was the best money I ever spent. Dr. Taylor’s program was organized and kept me mentally organized. It provided me with detailed visual and auditory learning methods, and above all I had the incredible support of Dr. Taylor and his assistant Karmell Clark. Thank you Karmell for supporting me and encouraging me. You believing in me and the progress I made through your program made me succeed on this part of my journey.

Feeby Wooden

Dr. Taylor, I just wanted to thank you both for this service. I not only passed the test, I "think" I nocked it out it the park! I got a 673! I also wanted to thank you for the support and check-ins! It was very nice to know that there were people on the other side of your website that really cared! Thanks again!

David T.

Dr. Taylor, Wanted to say thank you for your guidance and program. I passed the EPPP! You're program really helped me to stay focused and calm. Thank you!


I retested December 13th and got the results. I passed!!! I got 544. I would like to thank you and everybody on your team for the help along the way.

Dr. Siberly

I received my Psy.D. from Alliant International University, California School of Professional Psychology, in San Diego, CA. I LOVE the Taylor Method. It helped me pass the FIRST TIME taking the EPPP. I studied with the Taylor Method just short of a month. I never thought I'd pass the first time. I've never taken a standardized exam and passed the first time on anything. Thanks Taylor Method for all that you have done and continue to do. I recommend you to ALL of my colleagues who are preparing for the exam.


When people ask me and even if they don't I always endorse TSM. You guys helped me so much and I'm appreciative. The online exams to practice after each section really helped me to stay on task and focused. Your ongoing support and cheer leading me on was invaluable. I felt supported and guided the whole way. There is a lot of material to study but with TSM it wasn't as overwhelming as other study programs because of the personalized plan that I had to follow

Tim M.

I am a supporter of TSM and the method used to train. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this method to anyone interested in preparing for taking the EPPP exam. I chose it and recommend it because I was able to immediately see that the organization, structure, and engagement in the training process incorporated more than one sense modality (visual as well as audio). The three together were a perfect storm of modalities I needed (and so many others as well) to feel I was learning the material and developing the kind of confidence I needed to pass the test on my first try.

Ross W.

I sing your praises whenever I can. As you recall, I invested in all the major study packages, and found your method to be far superior. Your personal touch of mentoring made a great difference, as well as the program structure which helped me master the contact

Cindy R., Psy. D.

I would definitely recommend TSM to fellow collegues. I have been and I will continue to do so.


Going forward, I needed studying materials that included a more structured approach. Looking at all the books and CDs from other companies was too much for me. Having something structured (here's what you need to get done today), with easy online access, with a proven track record, was what I needed. I felt like Taylor Study method was the "heavy hitter" that I needed. I wanted to finish over the summer and I did and was so happy to pass!

Jane F.

I had tried passing the exam with using a year older study materials (books and cds from one of the other companies). I failed and was mortified! But I passed using the Taylor Study Method!

Katrina L.

I joined because I have never been a traditional learner. I have never read a textbook in my life because I cannot stay awake to do so. I do not retain information I read due to this, so it is the most ineffective study method. I tried CDs, but felt they were not enough up-to-date. I realized I was going to need a study method that was interactive and kept me engaged. I found TSM and am SO glad I did - it was perfectly what I needed!

Ed H.

Yes I would recommend Taylor, I thought the style of learning the info worked for me. I liked the set up of the definitions and separating it into manageable pieces. It worked well for learning the overarching themes and concepts.

Hanah S.

I would definitely recommend TSM to friends - and I actually have to 3 of my colleagues. TSM is the reason I passed!


TSM was awesome! A great way to study! I would recommend someone!


I would most definitely recommend TSM to people and can't say enough good things about it. I tell everyone I know that is considering writing about it!!! I seriously could not have made it through the process without TSM.

John Kennedy

Yes, I would most definitely recommend TSM to my colleagues. I sing your praises whenever I can. As you recall, I invested in all the major study packages, and found your method to be far superior. Your personal touch of mentoring made a great difference, as well as the program structure which helped me master the contact.

Colby R.

Tell Dr. Taylor that his program is absolutely fabulous! Learning and retaining tons of info and with it paralleling the class material the DSM has never been easier!

Lewis S.

Thanks again for creating and providing an excellent website and study program. I've been impressed at every turn by the resources and support that the TSM put at my fingertips, and found the program to be much more personal and personalized than expected. Our talks and emails were a big help in planning my study and preparation strategies, and Karmell has been prompt and helpful whenever I've asked her about anything.

Matthew P.

I love what your company does to revolutionize how people learn!

Barbara Grimes, PhD - Dean, School of Behavioral Sciences California Southern University

I just wanted to send my sincerest thanks for helping me through one of the most tedious studying processes that I have ever attempted in life. What really made the difference was being coached by Dr. Taylor the day before my exam. I am so thankful that you took the time to call me. I am forever grateful.


I would recommend Dr. Taylor to ANYONE, for any reason. (Honestly, I recommended him to 3 clients who were starting to study for the exam, since I passed in 2010.) Dr. Taylor helped me change my life. He talked to me weekly. He was generous, kind, firm, flexible, and held my hand and walked thru hell with me. I had a number of interruptions and he NEVER gave up on me. –

David Gaskins

I absolutely LOVE this program! I tried PyschPrep before TSM, and by comparison, I am getting a lot more practice. As a result, my confidence and comfort is greater. I really appreciate the flexibility of being able to practice online any time using various modes (e.g., laptop, iPad, iPhone). It is less cumbersome and rather addictive. I only hope the excitement produces fruitful results when I sit for the EPPP. Thank you for being so progressive! (big smile)."

Sarah Johnson

"Hi Graham, I passed the EPPP! I was nervous to deviate from your recommendation and take it early but I felt ready enough and was completely tired of studying after nearly 3 months. Thank you for this excellent resource. Feel free to contact me if you'd like a review and/or program feedback. Thanks! Michael"


"The Taylor Study Method was perfect for me! It provided the structure and organization I needed and was easily customizable to my schedule and timeframe. I followed the program and didn't bother with other study materials. I recently passed with a ton of room to spare. Thanks TSM!"

Rob Bern

"Unlike many new graduates I chose to take on the EPPP at a challenging time of my life, while working and being a full-time caregiver to my disabled partner. It had also been many years since I had written an exam. The TSM was very adaptable to my circumstances and I could squeeze in the prepared domaine study sections when opportunities arose. Writing the exam was a bit of a mini trauma as most would attest but the TSM equipped me to be familiar with the testing format and question construction which reduced my test stress considerably. Of course the practice exams and domain test questions were invaluable. Thank you to you personally for your support throughout this process. It is much appreciated. " Tony C.

Tony C.

Tell Dr. Taylor that his program is absolutely fabulous! Learning and retaining tons of info and with it paralleling the class material the DSM has never been easier!

Lewis Short

My experience with the Taylor Study Method has been phenomenal! In the past while studying for Licensure as a Clinical Psychologist, I was overwhelmed with the huge amount of material to learn. What I have found is that Dr. Taylor has devised a simplistic system in breaking down the key components of a specific domain. The information is presented in an easy to understand manner. I have found that I have had many “ah ha” moments when it comes to my understanding of key concepts and terms such as in Industrial Organizational Psychology. Through this learning process with the ongoing support from the Taylor Study Method Staff and this novel learning platform, I am confident that I will be successful in passing the EPPP. I would recommend this invaluable resource to anyone interested in mastering the fundamental concepts of the EPPP. Our students are delighted!

Toby Spiegel, PsyD - California Southern University

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to say I passed the first time using Taylor Study Method. I took the EPPP on March 22 and received a letter in the mail from my state board on Friday April 6. I used TSM almost exclusively except for a few files and videos online and the retired questions. TSM did a great job preparing me and keeping me focused and motivated. Good luck to all!

Michele T.

I passed the state licensing exam yesterday and am finally getting a chance thank you both for your incredible support in passing the EPPP!  After 7 months of hard work and sacrifice, it feels so good to be licensed!  Your method really worked with my learning style.  The study sessions allowed me to set clear goals and then relax and feel good about what I had accomplished each day.  The online format also made it so much easier to track my progress.  I can't say that I always enjoyed the process, but there were times when reading the material and taking questions was fun!  Since using TSM, I have become familiar with the other major testing programs and have to say that hands down TSM is the best!  The support and encouragement, the online integration of material, the intuitive way that you have organized topics and paired them with questions, and especially the unlimited access to test questions puts TSM way ahead of the competition.  Thanks again! Best, Todd

Todd G.

I have to tell you that I am absolutely blown away by the incredible support your company provides. When compared with others companies whom, without spelling it out, have been rude and unhelpful, I am immediately encouraged and “charged up” to beat this process and exam. Even if I fail, which I am not going to do this second time around, I shall still sing your praises. Thank you for your wonderfully supportive staff [that includes you of course]. Please let Karmel know how much I have appreciated her, her patience in answering my questions, and being a No 1 encourager!!!

Stephanie Smith

Dear Karmell, You were correct. The Taylor Study Method works! I passed the EPPP on the first try. I put 100% of my trust in Taylor (even to the meal plan!) and it paid off. The study questions were awesome. It made me feel confident enough to give the EPPP my best try. I am so grateful for your support.

Dr. Jahna Anyanwu

Dr. Taylor, You gave me the clear focus, the right information, and the unwavering confidence to pass the first time.

Thank you, Ray Smith, California

Thank you for showing me how to use the Taylor Study Method. I took the EPPP on 9/2/06 and passed 1st time!...and I am now licensed. I believe your study Method was very helpful for me and made studying for the exam quicker and more structured than would have been otherwise…Thanks again. I am very grateful!

Tyler C. Ralston

There's a psychologist in Hawaii, who teaches people to pass the EPPP. And he does it for free. Everyone that I have talked with who used his study Method passed. From my understanding, he has taught hundreds of people who successfully passed the exam. I took his class, but I'm not familar enough with the Method to teach it.

Amy K.

While Dr. Taylor was developing his program I worked with Dr. Taylor in preparing for EPPP and his Method was very helpful/effective for me. I didn't know he had finally marketed it for sale. It is most likely a good program --

Steve W.

Thank you so much for your help with this issue. I have just printed the cards. You and the taylorstudymethod group went beyond to help me. I will let you know, how things work out for me with the EPPP test.

Franco Acquaro, Ph.D.

I really do like this and find I’m learning a lot. Thanks for the stats. I can see why this works.

Sherry W.

When I emailed you earlier with my concern, I should have added how impressed I am with your program. It has forced me to slow down, and I feel my retention is much better. My confidence grows daily.

Peter D.

Dear Dr. Taylor, Your program is amazing! I will use the study techniques that I learned from your program to prepare for the California Psychology Supplemental Exam. I am positive that I will pass this exam on the first try. Again, thank you for your program and your words of encouragement. Best wishes always and continued success

Joyce Roberson, PhD

I absolutely LOVE the (Multiple Choice Test Question) techniques you showed me. It has increased my memory of the key terms and increased the number of correct answers on the practice tests. I still plan to take the test on 3/22/2010.

Dr. Carter

I had a great talk with Graham and we talked about the program operation, etc. I'm not only liking the program - I think I'm addicted - seriously - I thought I was done today, but couldn't resist doing another session just now. It goes so fast and the recall is phenomenal. This is tailor made for folks like me (ADD Type 5) who need speedy / detailed info. with applicable contrast of information spit right back at you. I wish I had signed up for this before (for pleasure!!).

Katherine H.

I'm enjoying your program, it is by far the closest to the actual EPPP. my latest score is a 67% and 62% so I am still studying. Thanks for your help,

Shannon S.

Hello, I felt much better leaving the exam yesterday than previously and actually feel more confident and a tad more competent. :-)... Thanks again for the support. (When I took the EPPP in the past,) I used materials from both AATBS and PsychPrep. However, having the structure with TSM has made quite a difference in my preparation... TSM has assisted in replacing the disorganization, confusion and frustration I've experienced preparing...I feel the program is rich in quality...not to mention quantity of information provided.

Stuart L.

My test is on the 29th and I hope I pass. I have to say I love your program though. I find the questions very creative and entertaining and excellent!!!

Dr. Baer

Hello Graham:
I absolutely love it. I was reviewing all my old materials and some CDs a friend gave me for the past month and I just started working on the new site and it is phenomenal!! 6 thumbs up :)"

Jennifer C.

Hi Dr. Graham,
I can't thank you enough for our talk. It re-energized me and I have been using the new test question taking technique you recommended ... I would recommend teaching that to everyone ... I have noticed my anxiety has already decreased concerning this test. I really feel like I have a viable plan ... Thank you,

Deborah F.

When you released TSM2 (I loved it!) I was generating test after test. I learned many answers by heart. Many questions on EPPP were exactly the same as were on your practice tests so I did not have to think! I knew answers. I did it because I knew I will not have enough time. English is my second language Thank you very much again for your help and being so flexible with me. I do appreciate it very much. I passed the first attempt as you promised.

Dr. Kardos

Hello Graham, I PASSED IT!!! IT SEEMED SO HARD BUT I PASSED IT! My score was 621, they just sent me an email...You were a great support to me throughout this ordeal and I thank you!

Rosa R.

Dear Nick, I got results from my EPPP that I took on 2/10/10. My score is 565. I PASSED! Thank you so much for your incredible help. I managed to do this with the magical help of TSM! I love your program. It is very comprehensive and straight to the point. It just gave me everything I needed to pass. Thank you again. With love and gratitude.

Irina S.

I am thrilled to let you know that I passed!! Thank you so much for putting together and managing such an accessible and straightforward approach to this monstrous task. I used NOTHING but the Taylor Study Method and passed in my first attempt. I absolutely could not have done it without this program. I hope you can experience some of my joy, as you were an integral part in providing me with the opportunity to have it. The 2.0 improvements were fantastic, and really helped me in my study process. I'm sure you have more up your sleeves for those yet to find you. You can be sure that I will continue to send business your way.

Dr. Harrison

Hi Dr. Taylor,
Your program is amazing! I now realize how foolish I was to purchase “discounted” exam programs. It was definitely a lesson in “You get what you pay for.” My first attempt at the EPPP was a dismal failure. On my second attempt I used TSM which netted me the coveted title of “Licensed Psychologist”. Your 3 to 4 point confidence interval that you state is very accurate. I was scoring a 79% on my mock exams and I passed with an 82%. Thank you for providing such an excellent resource. My gratitude knows no bounds.

Steve D.

Just wanted to let Karmell, Jill, and my fellow TSM buddies know that I killed the EPPP. It IS doable. In my state, we only need 500 to pass and I scored 697! Now, when I heard others report their success, I thought, "Sure, good for you, but I'm not that smart." I know: pathetic, but true. Bottom line: prepare according to TSM's guidelines and you'll do just fine. Seriously. Good luck to you all!

Kelly T.

I love the Taylor study method. It is so perfectly organized. The study plan is prescribed in such a manner as to maximize brain power as well as ensuring maximum encoding into LTM. Thank you for creating this system and for supporting all of as you do as we approach this enormous task!

Dr. McNaulty

I passed the EPPP - thanks for all your help and support! The Taylor materials were superior to the AATBS materials I used, both in content, organization, and presentation. It was great to see the interrelationships between terms and domains. And then, there was your unbelievable support!

Dr. Craven

Karmell and Dr. Taylor were great assets to me. Their continuing support helped me stay the course, particularly when I wanted to give up and stop. They were a voice of reason and calm during moments of fear and chaos.

I'm glad I used TSM and I think if I had applied these lessons above, I would have passed on try one. Thank you again for all your help and support. I would not have passed without your caring and help. Here is to a great 2011 and beyond to all!

Michael C.

There were a few reasons why I chose TSM over the other methods. One of the main reasons was the organized way in which the studying is presented to me. I learned from my initial mock exam which areas were strengths and weaknesses for me, the weekly study plan outlined my course of action, and all I had to do was set aside the time each day to study. And, I can study anywhere and not have to drag a bunch of books around with me.

I love the short domain specific exams that you can take any time, and the Flashcards. Plus, the guarantee TSM offers makes it pretty much risk-free.

Dr. L. Lee

Just writing to let you know my passing score on the EPPP was 638.

Al T.

TSM constantly updates their data since it is live and online. No more worrying about if the AATBS books I bought in 2009 are missing out on current information and people who work at TSM have been very supportive and make the studying experience personal and encouraging.

Carina G.

TMS works well for me. I find it very dynamic, fun and multi-modal. I used AATBS for over a year. I had to push myself to use the AATBS materials. Whereas with TSM, I have to push myself not to use it when time is not appropriate (e.g., when I have to work or when it's time to be with my family).

Jonathan T.

I am currently using the Taylor Study Method to prepare for the EPPP. I take it in 6 days. I have been using the two-three month model of study and found it very do-able with a full time postdoc. I am very pleased with the broken down study sessions of key terms, personal flashcard review and unlimited practice tests. It has provided a solid foundation and it makes the studying process fun. I like the TSM the most because it is online, available anytime overseas and the format of study delivery mimics the actual testing conditions. I am ready for the exam and I will continue to prepare until the test date arrives.

Joshua D.

Sooooooooooo happy to get a call from my Resistrar today. I passed!!! Trust the method!

Kristin S.

Many of these testimonials were private communications between our members and one of our staff members therefore to protect confidentiality, names may have been changed although the content of the testimonials are unaltered.

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