3 Ways to Stay Focused When Summer Fun is Calling

Summer is in full swing. Between beating the heat poolside, hosting barbecues, and attending weddings, it can be difficult to focus on EPPP exam prep. Where do you find the time to study and fit in the fun?

The key to studying successfully during summertime is balance. It is important to manage your time in a way that allows you to study effectively and not miss out on the fun.

Here are 3 ways to stay focused on exam prep in the midst of summertime.

  1. Set a Schedule

With study sessions, consistency is better than perfection. It is more important to show up and learn regularly than it is to power through miscellaneous hours of undirected study. So, set a schedule and stick to it!

When creating a study schedule, be realistic about what you can accomplish and when. For example, if your friends always go to the downtown market on Saturday mornings, leave that chunk of time open. This way, you won’t risk bailing on important study time and you will have a needed break with friends.

Having a consistent study schedule will allow you to focus on the material you are learning instead of focusing on arranging your time each day. It will also allow you to fully invest in whatever you are doing. For example, during your planned morning at the Saturday market, you can relax instead of worry about whether you should be studying.

  1. Take breaks

It can be easy to justify skipping breaks for the sake of additional study time. However, breaks are vital to memory and retention. Much like how your stomach needs time to digest, break down, and store food, your brain needs time to process what you’re putting into it. So, when creating your study schedule, incorporate consistent breaks.

Depending on how long you spent studying, breaks should be about 10 – 30 minutes long (the longer the stretch of studying, the longer the break). They should be low-tech and, ideally in the summertime, spent outside. Incorporate exercise to get oxygen flowing through your brain. And be sure to take breaks when you have them planned even if you don’t feel like it in the moment so that you maintain endurance throughout your study session.

  1. Have fun

Summer activities do not have to come at the cost of studying and vice versa. When you create your study schedule, think of those barbecues, weddings, and weekend getaways that you absolutely don’t want to miss and plan your study dates around them. Choose the events that are the most important to you and adjust your study sessions accordingly. And then, when you’re at the event, don’t think about studying and allow yourself to enjoy summer.

Of course, EPPP exam prep will come with some sacrifices. There will be a few summer activities that you might have to miss out on. Just remember that exam prep is only a season and will not last forever. When you pass, it will all be worth it!