We often frame the work environment as an execution problem rather than a learning problem. If we can reframe it as a learning problem, then we can improve over time. With this new mindset, we can create an environment where it’s safer to take acceptable, well defined intelligent risks, suggest new ideas, and admit mistakes. Tom is the CEO and founder of Psychological Safety (powered by Iterum Ltd). With a diverse background that encompasses ecological research, technology, and leadership roles, Tom brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Throughout his career, Tom has held influential positions such as CTO and CIO, which have fueled his passion for DevOps, psychological safety, and generative leadership. Today, as the driving force behind Iterum Ltd, Tom focuses on organizational transformation through safety culture. Drawing from his experiences collaborating with teams spanning various domains including technology, healthcare, aviation, and government, he empowers organizations to cultivate psychological safety and unleash their true potential. We’re excited to have Tom with us today to discuss psychological safety and creating a thriving workforce.