Exam Prep

  1. What is the Best Preparation for the EPPP?

    The Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (the EPPP) has been a source of stress for many postdoctoral students. Even though students have been preparing for the exam through classes and practical training, the entire process still feels like an insurmountable challenge. After all the hard work, late nights, and cups of coffee you have sacrificed for your professional career in psychology thus far, the last step towards licensure feels more like a mountain than a mere step. After speaking with professionals who have successfully completed their training and passed the EPPP, we have some tips on how to best prepare for the exam.

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  2. Boost Memory Brain Fitness

    You’ve probably heard the phrase “the mind is the first to go.” It’s not a false statement, but it isn’t completely true either. Over time, memory and retention can decrease if we do not maintain brain fitness just like our muscle tone will decrease if we do not continue exercising. So, it is true that your ability to memorize can dwindle with age. But it is also true that there is something you can do about it. Brain fitness will help you memorize EPPP material and keep you sharp as you age.

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  3. Procrastination: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

    You know that term paper is due soon. You’ve got to get your client documentation ready for the audit. You need to study for your EPPP licensure exam next month. So why are you struggling to get started on all that work?

    For nearly all of us, procrastination, or the act of delaying things, is a part of life. Even when we’ve experienced success getting things done in the past, the desire to put something off can strike any time.

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  4. Am I Ready to Take the EPPP?

    A key factor of success on the EPPP is preparedness. A passing score is more likely if you take the exam when you are ready. Do you think you might be ready to take the exam but you aren’t quite sure? To know if it’s time to take the plunge or study some more, it’s important to take an honest evaluation of where you are at.

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