A key factor of success on the EPPP is preparedness. A passing score is more likely if you take the exam when you are ready. Do you think you might be ready to take the exam but you aren’t quite sure? To know if it’s time to take the plunge or study some more, it’s important to take an honest evaluation of where you are at.

Ask yourself the following questions to evaluate whether you’re ready or not to take the EPPP.

How well have I done on practice exams?

  • Your practice test scores are a good indicator of how well you might do on the exam. If your scores are low or barely passing, you might not be ready. If you’re scores are consistently higher, especially on a variety of exams so that you’re not just memorizing questions, then it might be time to sit the exam.

Have I taken a realistic practice exam?

  • If you’re getting high scores on practice exams but aren’t setting a timer or putting your study notes aside, a good next step could be to take a practice exam in an environment similar to the real exam.  Perhaps go to the local library at the hour you would take the exam with only the things you would bring to the testing center.  Then set the timer and see how well you do.

Have I talked to others who have taken the exam?

  • A friend who has already taken the exam can help you prepare for what’s to come. Ask your friend about their test taking strategies and overall experience with the EPPP. When did they take breaks? What surprised them about the exam taking experience? Did they go into the exam feeling ready or do they wish they would have studied more?

Have I talked with my coach or mentor about if I’m ready?

  • Who has been there for you throughout the exam preparation process? This person can help you understand if you’re ready to take the exam by taking an objective approach to whether you’re ready or not. Have them help you evaluate your readiness and take their thoughts into consideration.

Could I teach the material to a friend?

  • A sign of your understanding of a subject is the ability to teach what you know. If you don’t think you’re quite ready to take the exam, teaching is a great way to gain a deeper understanding of the material. When you get to the point of being able to teach concepts and key terms so that others can understand, it’s a sign you might do well on the exam.