The holiday season is upon us, filled with the warm glow of festive lights, the aroma of home-cooked meals, and the joy of spending time with loved ones. However, for many aspiring psychologists, there's an extra ingredient added to the holiday mix – the looming EPPP (Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology) preparation. While the temptation to fully immerse yourself in the holiday cheer is strong, finding the right balance between merriment and mindful study can make the season both enjoyable and productive.

Create a Festive Study Environment:

Transform your study space into a winter wonderland! Decorate your study area with twinkling lights, scented candles, and a touch of festive decor. Creating a cozy and inviting space will make your study sessions more enjoyable and help maintain a positive mindset.

Plan Strategically:

The key to balancing EPPP preparation and holiday festivities lies in strategic planning. Set realistic goals for your study sessions, allowing time for breaks and holiday activities. Create a study schedule that accommodates both your exam preparation needs and your desire to partake in seasonal celebrations. Share this schedule with friends and family so that they know when you will need to dedicate time to studying.

Utilize Festive Breaks:

The holidays come with breaks and downtime – seize these moments wisely. Instead of mindlessly scrolling through social media or binge-watching holiday movies, use some of this time for focused study sessions. Turn your breaks into productive opportunities, whether it's reviewing flashcards, practicing mock exams, or summarizing key concepts.

Engage in Active Review Sessions:

Make your study sessions interactive and engaging. Form study groups with fellow aspiring psychologists, and organize review sessions. You can take turns explaining concepts to each other or create  quizzes to test your knowledge. This not only enhances your understanding but also makes studying during the holidays a collaborative and enjoyable experience.

Mindful Self-Care:

The holidays are a time for self-care, and maintaining your well-being is crucial during exam preparation. Schedule study breaks to engage in activities that rejuvenate your mind and body. Whether it's a winter walk, holiday baking, or a virtual chat with friends and family, taking care of yourself contributes to a more effective study routine.

Set Realistic Expectations:

It's essential to set realistic expectations for yourself during the holiday season. Understand that you may not be able to study as intensively as you would during other times of the year. Embrace a balanced approach, and remember that the holidays are meant to be enjoyed.


Balancing EPPP preparation with holiday festivities may seem like a challenging task, but with careful planning and a positive mindset, it's entirely achievable. By incorporating festive elements into your study routine, staying organized, and taking mindful breaks, you can make the most of this holiday season while still making progress toward your professional goals. Remember, finding joy in the journey is just as important as reaching the destination. Happy studying, and happy holidays!